Starboard Bolt Carbon  


Prijs: €489,-

De beste en lichtste peddel, met oval shaft en double concave blad!!!

Bekijk het onderstaande filmpje om te zien waarom deze peddel zoveel beter is dan alle andere peddels!

  • Unique square outline and 10 degree angle makes it exceptionally direct.
  • Double concave on the power face creates an effortless and forgiving catch.
  • The blade aligns itself in the water for maximum tracking with power transfer in a forward motion.
  • The choice of 2015 Euro Tour Champion and 2014 World Champion racer Connor Baxter and anyone looking for an efficient paddle.


  • • Custom woven Biaxial 60/60 degree Carbon cloth and a new high density PVC core absorbing less resin.
  • • Biaxial 45-degree fabric used to increase the durability and reduce risk of buckling.
  • • Retains strength while possessing incredibly good flex characteristics.
  • • Bolt has a shortened stringer to give more flex and recoil at the very tip of the blade.
  • • ABS rail insert along the entire edge of blade.

We paddle a lot and found it fun to develop paddles shafts suiting the individual needs for our various sized friends and team riders, to maximise their particular perfomance request. 
A flexible shaft transfers energy in a more gentle way suiting long distance paddling and higher cadence.
A stiffer shaft provides a more direct transfer of energy and suits larger blades and taller riders wanting to use full lenght shafts.
When you cut a paddle shaft down to fit your size it automatically becomes stiffer, thus you may wish to choose a 42 mm shaft.